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With more than 900000 jewelry items in stock, different wholesale fashion jewelry can be found from Viennois-online, which features in high quality, unique appearances as well as competitive prices. Wholesale fashion earrings, wholesale fashion necklaces, wholesale fashion rings, wholesale fashion bracelets, even wholesale fashion watches and handbags are provided. With over 20 years experience in fashion jewelry industry and being the leading company in jewelry industry and the NO.1 jewelry exporter in China, Viennois has the ability to lead the mainstream on the aspects of fashion trend of jewelry. Sourcing wholesale supplier in China to get better business? Viennois-online will become your first choice!


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What are your preferred wholesale fashion earrings styles

To choose the best wholesale fashion earrings for your collection, it helps to define what are your preferred styles or what are the trends in the earrings. So many styles of choices like chandelier earrings, drop earrings, hoop earrings, stud earrings and even huggie earrings. You can get your collections based on the analysis of the fashion trends from Viennois-online.

Best wholesale fashion necklaces

Vintage jewelry is just like other antique. Beautiful vintage necklaces are also popular for the people, which also make it be the prevalent choice for the wholesalers & retailers when they wholesale fashion necklaces. In fact, many pieces of vintage necklaces were made of a higher quality of artisanship than can be found in many modern pieces. Therefore, in other words, the “vintage” necklace will be the fashion all the time.

Guides to wholesale fashion rings

Many designs in the ring styles can commemorate almost any special occasion. Each person will have a different taste when it comes to ring jewelry. Diamond rings are sparkly and glamorous, while plain silver rings can really make a statement. Sterling silver rings are both shiny and affordable. To get the best selling wholesale fashion rings, as stated before, turn to Viennois-online to get more professional suggestions.

How much do you know about bracelets

Exactly when someone first discovered that tying a vine around the wrist made a pretty decoration isn’t known, but people have worn bracelets for centuries. The best artisans of many cultures applied their skills to the bracelet designs still worn today. To learn more about bracelets and know more trends in wholesale fashion bracelets, follow the Viennois-online.

Wholesale fashion watches: unique accessories

Jewelry can really add to the styles of people, no matter for men and women. Yes, the modern man can indulge in jewelry selections just as much as the contemporary woman. Wacthes are definitely not an afterthought in the men’s jewelry category. As a retailer, you should include wholesale fashion watches to your collection to win much favors. Also keep in mind that the type and quantity you choose can save you some money to some extent.

Viennois-online: top wholesale fashion handbags supplier

Trends always come and go, but it has no effect in the fashion industry a lot because that each trend has its own meaning for fashion lover. Handbags, one simple but effective thing which have remaine as the fashion for a long time and will last forever. To get the styles and designs that will be never out-of-date, you can choose Viennois-online as your wholesale fashion handbags supplier, which is a jewelry company with over 20 years experience in fashion jewelry industry.

Take a minute to know more about Us…

Viennois-online, a Chinese manufacturer, focus on high quality, high fashion jewelry in design, craft, materials, manufacturing. We exported fashion jewelry since 1996, and started online wholesale and OEM(small custom make orders) at 2010, aiming to bring more convenience service to foreign retailers. With a long history in fashion jewelry design and making, Viennois has accumulated quite good knowledge of materials applied into fashion jewelry and the fashion trend of materials using. To wholesale fashion jewlery, Choose Viennois-online.

Our designer teams

John Cumings

1984 – 1987 Self employed Jewelry Desinger

20/06/88 – 18/01/89 Ingram UK Limited (Paint Coatin Manager)

23/01/89 – 12/01/90 Sterns UK Limited (Mould Manager)

15/01/90 – 30/06/91 Sphinx UK Limited (Design & Mould)

01/07/91 – 07/03/00 Long Island Products (Fashion) Limited (Design Director)

21/03/00 – 31/12/06 Jewellery & Accessories Fast Forward Resources PLC (Senior Designer)

24/02/07 – up to now Chief Designer of Guang Zhou VIennois Fashion Jewelry Co.,Limited


Perfect technicals

Viennois-online knows quality, price and time is critical to business, as a professional fashion jewellery exporter, we are strict on every detail in manufacturing, and each of our sales well know every process. Form the minute we connect with you to the minute order finish, we let you know clearly where it goes, make it right and make it fast, That’s Viennois online business style. Viennois-online is also your best OEM manufactuer.

Swarovski Element

Viennois-online crystal jewelry collection make with authentic Swarovski element, long-term supply over one hundred regions and countries. Superior quality helps numerous wholesale buyers earn loyalty customers! Rest assured to wholesale wonderful fashion jewelry.

How to find a good jewelry supplier in China

It is an undeniable fact that without good suppliers providing quality products at affordable prices, you do not have a prayer of getting your business off the ground. When you find a good jewelry manufacturer in China, you will make your business guaranteed. However, where are these manufacturers and suppliers? How can you find them?

First of all, never go with a jewelry supplier who always owns the same items as others else. A good supplier will offer you the pieces that can reflect the latest trends in jewelry design. You will not want to wholesale necklaces with the similar designs like others, right? So if they are a professional jewelry supplier, they can tell what the fashion trend is by processing the orders from all the nations and they will keep monthly products updated.

Another thing you need to consider is that how big of a selection of designs they can offer you. At the same time, consider if all of their products show attractive to their clients. Do not forget to take the quality of the products and shipment into consideration. You can try to make a trial jewelry purchase with your potential business partner, which is a good way to test what kind of business they are.

In addition, one of the best ways to judge a wholesale jewelry supplier is to see their customer services. A good jewelry supplier will attach the importance of customer satisfaction to their business. In this sense, Viennnois-online will be the best place for you. They can provide you professional and superb answers and solution to you. And they will also be your best business partner.

There is nothing wrong with jewelry made in China. There are also a number of wholesalers, both new and established available online for you. If you also think what have been above is important, if you also want to wholesale rings from China, Viennois-online will be your one-of-a-kind choice.

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